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HH Beach Rancher

Figuratively speaking, hermanas tend to wear a lot of hats (or sometimes feel like they're hearding cattle. ha!) In literal terms, though, wearing a bold hat can also help empower a woman. 

Straw hats for women offer sun protection and classic style. Although they can be worn all year long, they are especially popular in the summer due to their breathability. Straw hats are woven, which means there are small openings for cooling and ventilation. They’re also great for keeping the hot sun off your face, allowing you to feel comfortable even on the hottest of vacations. 


All hats are sizeable to ensure a comfortable fit (and keep the wind from blowing it off your head!)


***Please note that all hats are hand painted and will vary slightly in design from the hats pictured. 

HH Beach Rancher

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